Palm Workshop Training Topics

This course is for anyone who owns a Palm OS PDA (Palm, Handspring Visor/Treo, Sony Clie, Handera/TRGPro, Kyocera SmartPhone, etc.)  By the end of this course you will know how to use your PDA efficiently and effectively, both personally and professionally -- you will be a Palm Power User!

Bring your Palm!  You will be using your own PDA in exercises throughout the day designed to increase your mastery of various skills and applications.  You will also need to bring your HotSync cradle or cable and/or extra batteries.

Introduction to the Palm Basics

At the end of this section, everyone will know how to set up and use his or her Palm for the most basic functions. Topics include:

More In Depth into the Palm Applications

Here is where the real purpose of the course is met. Students will master time and data management in this section. In addition, there are tons of tips and tricks and shortcuts to make life easier. Topics include:

Palm Software Installation Tutorial

There are 80,000 downloadable applications for the Palm. In this tutorial, we will unleash the power of having access to all of this application software. Topics include:

Security and Troubleshooting

Built in Palm security and aftermarket security programs will be explored.  There are 3 basic ways of troubleshooting problems with the Palm. We will cover these and answer questions about other problems that may occur.

Software Expansion Topics 

A preview of the 80,000 downloadable applications for the Palm that may include:

Palm Hardware Expansion & Accessories including:

Palm Training Workshop Seminar Dates: