Internet Research

How to find anything on the Internet. By November 2000, we reached 3 billion unique Web pages and 2,000 pages are added a day!

Finding what you want can get difficult if you don't know how to search efficiently. 

This course introduces you to various Web search tools such as: 

By the end of this course you will be able to perform a nested parenthetical literal Boolean query (and even know what that means!) 

There's an introduction to the Internet and its various search tools, but most importantly you'll find out where to search for what you want!  You'll get insiders' tips and tricks, you'll find out about other on-line resources besides search engines, and most important of all, you'll learn how to evaluate and qualify the wealth of information you find. 

Become the Indiana Jones of Internet Research -- call (858) 486-9909 to arrange for a class today, or sign up for a one day Research course at the UCSD Extension! 

Physicians Note:  There is a new one day Internet Research for Physicians course -- learn how to do free medline searches, subscribe to key medical listservs and find out what kinds of information are served up in Usenet newsgroups!