Course Description: Computer Training for Physicians

Offered in San Diego, California and accredited for up to 20 hours, this intensive hands-on course is designed, developed and delivered by Diane Cunningham (with her amazing cohort -- Rich Cunningham!)  *grin*

The first day of the three day training is "An Introduction to Computers and Applications", with an opening session designed to demystify the "technojargon" -- RAM, ROM and the CPU Soup!  We then start hands-on labs using Windows, Microsoft Word, and how to create your own presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint.

Day two focuses on the Internet and the On-Line World.   We cover "Internet Fundamentals and Choosing an ISP" covering what IS the Internet and how do you get connected then tap into the power of the World Wide Web with advanced browsing and surfing techniques!  After lunch, during the Internet Practicum, we looks at using Internet E-Mail, and we ponder Usenet newsgroups. The day wraps up with a module entitled , "World Wide Web Applications: Software, Computers and People" where you learn how to download and install software, how to purchase a computer and how to find people on the Internet.

Day three is the "Medical Research and Resources" day.  Broken into mini labs and mini lectures, you start with a Internet Search Tools overview, searching with PubMed, Internet Search strategies  using sources such as discussion lists and newsgroups and get an introduction to "The Search Engine Shootout"  In World Wide Web Medical Resources you will discover amazing medical web sites like the Virtual Hospital, Harvard Medical Web and even sites from magazines and journals, specialized search services, Browser plug-ins, The Visible Human Project and how to save sites for later reference.  The second part of Medical Research after lunch looks at where to search:  a compare and contract of keyword search tools, directory search tool and meta search tools -- learning the strengths and weakness of each.  You will learn how to refine your search techniques using literals, Boolean operators, etc. 

Those who are still breathing move on to one of Diane's favorite topics -- Palm Pilots!!  A new topic added June 2001 there is a short introduction to the Palm Pilot covering what you can do with a Palm PDA, and how to choose a Palm PDA.  All in all, a day not to be missed!!

A new one day Palm Medical Workshop has been created an will be offered once or twice a month.  Both courses are offered through the University of California San Diego, Office of Continuing Medical Education.

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